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In this article, you will find all the details about Sam Elliott Home which has a rustic appearance and it is so beautiful. If you wish to know Where does Sam Elliott live and where his house is located then stay with us to know all the answers.

Sam Elliott Home in which he currently lives is an eye-catching mansion, which has a unique design that was initially built in 1983. He lives here with his wife Katharine Ross and daughter. The couple also owns a ranch house on 200 acres of property in Harrisburg, Oregon in the Willamette Valley.

He also owns another home in Portland, Oregon, which was his mother’s but after her death, it is now in his name. Our today’s focus is his Rustic Malibu House which was affected by the forest fire in 2018, but luckily, the firefighters ensured no harm to this Sam Elliott Home, let’s learn more about it!

Who is Sam Elliott?

sam elliott house


Sam Elliot is an American actor who was born on 9th August 1944 in California, he has worked in many movies including the most recent Netflix series “The Ranch”. His full name is Samuel Pack Elliot and his parents Henry Nelson Elliot and Glynn Mamie Sparks moved to California before he was born. 

When Sam was 13 years old, his parents moved to Portland, Oregon and after completing his education,  he started doing theatres from which he got positive reviews. He first appeared in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” in 1969 and then in “The Legacy”. He fell in love with the leading actress Katharine Ross and got married in 1984, they have one daughter together.

He is also a voice-over artist and has become the voice of many shows including Dodge, IBM, Coors Beer, and the American Beef Council. Let’s move on to the details of Sam Elliott Home!

Where does Sam Elliott live? 

Sam Elliott lives in his Malibu house in California which has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This house was built in 1983 and it covers 3000 square feet area, it is constructed with wood so it has a rustic appearance. There are two huge stone pillars at the main entrance of this lovely Sam Elliot home.

The inside of Sam Elliott home is as much beautiful as it is from the outside, it has a fireplace and an open kitchen, and the dark timber accents and soaring wooden beams complete the look of this beautiful home.

As it is located in Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu, there are many beaches, surfing, and celebrity residents and the population of Malibu is 12,620 people. You can have a look at the specifications of Sam Elliott house in the next heading.

Specifications of Sam Elliott Home:

Sam is living in this house with his family for so long and he managed to live in this beautiful rustic mansion by working hard as an actor, he has a net worth of 12 million dollars. The specifications are given below:

  • Number of Bedrooms: 3
  • Number of Bathrooms: 3
  • Area Covered: 3,860 sq. ft.
  • Price of Sam Elliot House: $4,198,700.
  • Sam Elliott Home Address: Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265.

Wrapping Up:

We hope you liked reading the details of the lovely Sam Elliott house which is located in Malibu, California. We have collected each and every piece of information to answer the most asked question “Where does Sam Elliott live” by his fans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Sam Elliott still live in Malibu?

Sam Elliott has lived with his family in this home for a long time, but they also have a residence in Oregon’s Willamette Valley which they occasionally visit.

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