Homes Long respects the privacy of all the visitors so read this page to clear all your doubts. We have shared all the details related to the collection of data and its usage on this page, know that we only want to improve your experience with us and we ensure your privacy and safety when you visit our website to get new ideas.

Purpose of Data Collection:

Homes Long is providing a wide range of new ideas that will help you in enhancing the appearance of your home but to give you the idea of your interest and to provide you the relevant information, we collect some data when you visit our website.

Homes Long ensures the safety and privacy of the information that you share either by filling out a form, subscribing, or commenting on Homes Long. We do not share your information with any other website and the only purpose of data collection is to improve the user experience.

Information collected by Homes Long:

We thought to share this with our concerned readers as it is their right to know how much of their information is collected by our system. Only basic information regarding their name, phone number, email, geolocation, and other contact information has been collected by us which provides no harm to the user.

Your computer’s IP address and information about your Internet Service Provider may also be collected in some situations. We also track the number of pages you visit, the things you rate on the site, and the adverts you click in order to improve your experience with us.

How the collected information is utilized by Homes Long?

There are many reasons and aims for collecting user data, we do not want to waste your time by providing irrelevant information so to know your preferences and improve our website accordingly we collect your data.

The collection of Email addresses allows Homes Long to send relevant emails about new topics and daily publications of blogs and articles. In this way, you stay updated about new latest ideas and you will get the details of promotions and discounts that might benefit you.

Cookie Information:

Homes Long employs cookies, it is basically a small amount of data saved by our website to improve the user experience. It does not mean that we compromise on your privacy, your information and data are safe with us.

We do not collect the information without your permission, you give us access by accepting cookies. But if you use Adblockers and turn the cookies off in the settings, we won’t be able to improve your experience with us.

Third-party Applications:

We are only responsible for the data collected by Homes Long, the privacy policies of third-party applications might be different so you should be aware of that. If you are purchasing anything from third parties or providing your details, go through their privacy policies first.

When you are agreed to our terms and conditions we have a right to use it according to our privacy policy so you should read it thoroughly if you are concerned about it, we can share your information with our partners to improve the user experience upon your permission.

Keep an eye out for privacy policy updates:

We encourage that you revisit our privacy policy page from time to time to learn about important changes to Homes Long’s policies. The main objective of these upgrades is to improve our website and our visitors’ experience.

Contact Information:

We hope that after reading this page your doubts are cleared but if you still have any queries you can contact us at

Last Updated: 19th May 2022