Owen Wilson House

Owen Wilson is a charismatic actor known for his distinctive voice and roles in hit films like “Wedding Crashers” and “Marley & Me.” However, he is not just a Hollywood star but also a proud homeowner in the picturesque island of Maui, Hawaii. 

Let’s take a virtual tour of Owen Wilson house, which is a stunning bungalow that embodies the essence of tropical paradise. From its stunning location to its unique features, explore what makes this property truly exceptional and know where does Owen Wilson live exactly.

Who is Owen Wilson?

Who is Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is a renowned American actor, screenwriter and producer. He is known for his distinctive voice, comedic timing and charming on-screen presence. He came to this world on November 18, 1968, in Dallas, Texas. 

He has made a significant mark in Hollywood through his roles in popular films like “Zoolander,” and “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

Owen Wilson’s unique blend of humor and charm has endeared him to audiences worldwide, making him one of the industry’s most beloved and recognizable talents.

Where Does Owen Wilson Live?

Owen Wilson’s Maui bungalow is located in the heart of paradise. This stunning property is situated on the northwest coast of Maui. It offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, lush green landscapes and dramatic cliffs. 

The location of Owen Wilson house alone makes it a cherished piece of real estate. The bungalow’s proximity to the pristine beaches and vibrant culture of Maui makes it a dreamy escape for the actor. While you are looking at the information on Owen Wilson house, you can also check out the details of Julian Edelman House.

Architecture and Interior of Owen Wilson House

Architecture and Interior of Owen Wilson House

Owen Wilson house has an open-air design and seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings.

Large sliding glass doors and windows allow for a constant flow of fresh ocean air and provide stunning views from every corner of the house. The architecture beautifully combines modern design elements with traditional Hawaiian aesthetics.

The decor of the house is both elegant and relaxed. The interior spaces are characterized by open floor plans, high ceilings and a neutral color palette. The use of natural materials like wood and stone adds to the warm and inviting ambiance.

Owen Wilson house is adorned with island-inspired decor. From Hawaiian art pieces to traditional furnishings, the interior reflects the rich culture and heritage of Maui. 

There are 5 bedrooms in the bungalow that are designed to maximize the view of the ocean and surrounding landscapes. Waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore is an everyday luxury for Owen Wilson.

Amenities and Features of Owen Wilson Home

Amenities and Features of Owen Wilson Home

Owen Wilson home is loaded with numerous amenities and modern features that support comfortable and luxurious living. Some of the prominent features of the house are mentioned below. 

  • Outdoor Living Spaces

Owen Wilson house has extensive outdoor living spaces. A spacious covered porch overlooks the ocean and is the perfect spot for lounging, dining and watching Maui’s famous sunsets.

The lush gardens surrounding the bungalow are meticulously landscaped and offer a serene setting for relaxation.

  • A Pool with a View

The infinity-edge pool at the property appears to blend seamlessly with the ocean beyond, creating a stunning visual effect. It is an ideal place to take a dip and soak in the Hawaiian sunshine.

  • Privacy and Tranquility

One of the key features of this property is its privacy. Surrounded by dense foliage and trees, the bungalow provides Owen Wilson with a tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. It is the perfect place for the actor to relax, unwind and recharge.

Owen Wilson House Specification

Owen Wilson House

  • Number of Bedrooms: 5
  • Number of Bathrooms: 5.5
  • Area of the House: 4,500 square feet 
  • Price of the House: $ 5.25 million
  • House Address: Paia, Maui, Hawaii

Owen Wilson House Photos

Check out the photo of the stunning house of Owen Wilson in Maui, Hawaii.


Owen Wilson house in Maui is a haven where the actor can escape from the demands of his Hollywood career. Its stunning location, exquisite architecture and tasteful interior design make it a true gem on the island.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Owen Wilson house have any unique features or amenities?

Yes, the house boasts an infinity-edge pool with breathtaking ocean views, extensive outdoor living spaces and a lush garden. The interior of the house is also elegantly designed with island-inspired decor.

Q: How large is Owen Wilson’s bungalow in Maui?

Owen Wilson house is situated on a spacious and luxurious property. The living space of the house is around 4,500 square feet. However, the lot size of the property, which covers a huge land space, is not public information.

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