Robert Frost House

The Robert Frost House is situated amidst the stunning scenery of New Hampshire and serves as a tribute to the remarkable life and literary influence of one of America’s most renowned poets.

Two homes in Derry – The Frost Farm and Franconia residence – provide intimate insight into this revered figure’s inspirations and lifestyle which we will discuss in today’s article. 

Where Does Robert Frost Live?

Where Does Robert Frost Live

The adventure of exploring the world that influenced Robert Frost’s poetry commences at The Frost Farm in Derry. This is where he resided from 1900 to 1911, shaping his artistic spirit and writing some of his memorable works like “Tree at my Window” and “Mending Wall.”

While contemplating on a stable dwelling place for him due to frequent job changes, Robert opted for an extraordinary offer presented by his grandfather, William Prescott Frost – acquiring a farm in Derry with ownership conferred after ten years as residency requirement was met.

The Frost family fully embraced the bucolic allure of Derry, dedicating five years to tending the soil, breeding poultry and deeply engaging with locals.

Despite this fulfilling lifestyle though, Mr. Frost’s poetic calling remained fervent prompting him towards a teaching stint at Pinkerton Academy; an exclusive secondary institution in close proximity. The familial kitchen table became his creative sanctum, where he would write into the late hours after tending to the needs of his growing family.

Historical Importance of the Robert Frost House

Historical Importance of the Robert Frost House

The spirit of Frost’s poetry is intricately woven into the fabric of his experiences as a farmer and teacher. The bucolic nature of the land and the communal ethos influenced his writing profoundly.

Notably, his poem “Mending Wall” reflects on the collaborative effort of rural New Hampshire farmers, emphasizing the timeless wisdom, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Robert Frost House Front Porch

As Frost toiled on the land alongside his neighbors, he could not suppress his desire of becoming a poet. Even after securing a teaching role in Plymouth, NH back in 1911, he did not let go of his literary ambitions.

Composed while living in Derry and influenced by rural life’s cadence and luscious settings nearby; “A Boy’s Will,” “North of Boston” as well as “Mountain Interval” were among the initial three publications that marked Frost’s writing career.

More About the Frost Farm House

About the Frost Farm House

A trip to the Robert Frost house takes you on a voyage back through time, as you step into the actual rooms that fostered his poetic inspiration.

The quaint two-level farmhouse has been impeccably decorated with Lesley Ballentine Frost – daughter of Robert Frost- leading in order to uphold her father’s genuine home life. From wallpapers unearthed after intensive searches to the color of the kitchen floor, every detail is curated to provide an immersive experience.

The soapstone sink, a witness to countless moments in the Frost household, stands as a silent testament to the daily rituals of the family. Elinor Frost’s Royal Doulton china graces the shelves, offering a glimpse into the domesticity that coexisted with Frost’s poetic genius.

Guided Tours of the Frost Farm

Embarking on a tour of the Robert Frost home unveils the interplay between the house, the land, and Frost’s poetry. Lasting approximately 45 minutes, these guided journeys delve into the intricate connections that shaped Frost’s creative process.

Visitors gain insights into the family’s years in Derry, understanding the profound impact of the surroundings on the poet’s literary legacy.

Franconia Residence – Another Robert Frost House

Following the Derry years, Frost and his wife returned from England in 1915 and settled in Franconia. It was in this abode that Frost composed several poems, earning him his first Pulitzer Prize.

The Franconia residence serves as a continuation of the poet’s journey, offering visitors a broader perspective on the evolution of his craft.

As enthusiasts delve into the poetic landscapes of New Hampshire, a parallel invitation awaits them at the Neil Armstrong House, where the iconic astronaut’s residence echoes the spirit of exploration, seamlessly intertwining with the rich tapestry of American achievements and inspirations encapsulated by the Robert Frost House.

Neighborhood of the Robert Frost House

Frost’s relationship with his neighbors in Derry was more than just a backdrop to his poetry; it was a symbiotic exchange of ideas and labor.

The collaborative effort of mending stone walls, as depicted in “Mending Wall,” speaks to the communal spirit that permeated rural New Hampshire.

Frost, through his verses, captures the nuances of agrarian life, where shared responsibilities create bonds that transcend the literal and metaphorical.

More About Robert Frost

Robert Frost

Robert Lee Frost, born in San Francisco on March 26th, 1874 became a distinguished American poet famous for his vivid portrayals of country existence. While growing up in New England he faced both personal and occupational struggles during his youth.

Even with obstacles in his path, he persisted in following his love for poetry and took comfort from the natural environments around him. Frost’s exploration of literature began during a period when he was farming, instructing others, and writing some of his most cherished pieces while residing Derry, New Hampshire.

His impact goes beyond simply phrases like “The Road Not Taken,” as it captures a life molded by determination through struggles along with an unbreakable bond to nature which sustained him coupled alongside persistent dedication towards perfecting the art that defined him so significantly.


Enthusiasts and curious minds alike embark on a poetic pilgrimage at the Robert Frost House. The homes in Derry and Franconia are more than just architectural relics; they serve as living testaments to Frost’s lasting influence on American literature.

These houses, steeped in the landscapes that sparked his creativity, quietly speak of a poet who drew inspiration from farm life’s simplicity and deep connections forged with people and land alike.

The Robert Frost residence is more than just a location to visit; it serves as an entryway into the heart of American poetry, encouraging all individuals to fully engage with the lasting impact of Frost’s legendary poems.

Within the serene areas of Derry and Franconia, his spirit continues on, urging guests to follow in his path by experiencing the rhythm of nature and uncovering the timeless enchantment conveyed through language intertwined within rural New Hampshire communities.

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