We have always seen main actors who always get hype for acting in movies and motion pictures. But if you dig deep into the culture of acting, you will see that there is more to that. Not only the movie or film actors are highly talented and entertaining, but the musical artists are not far behind them in talent and they also can gain international fame. Their fans always tend to enjoy their albums and concerts and love to know about their life.

One of such musical artists is, “Rick Ross” who is an American rapper and musical record executive. The artist has gained worldwide fame and has earned a lot in his career. People are always eager to know about his personal life, career, and  Rick Ross House

Who Actually Is Rick Ross?

rick ross house address

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William Leonard Roberts 2, also known as Rick Ross, is a popular musical sensation from America. His main specialty is English Rapping and that’s the talent through which he got so famous. He has conducted so many concerts throughout the world and has released many albums under his name. Let’s learn more about his personal life, career, and his populate residency.

Life Facts About Rick Ross

As stated earlier, fans of famous personalities are always eager to dig deep and know more about their idols. This info can be their birth date, their family info, or their career achievements.

Many authentic sources have gained info about the life of Rick Ross and rick ross mansion . We have unified some of the basic info in this article. let’s know more about him.

Birth Date And Place

Rick Ross was born on January 28th, 1976 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and was raised in Carol City, Florida. He belongs to the American-Black community and his nationality is American.


After graduating from Miami Carol City Senior High School, he went to the historically black college, Albani State University on a football scholarship. After that, Ross worked as a correctional officer for 18 months.


Children are the most important part of a family and our targeted personality is blessed with them. Rick Ross has 4 children now, They are, Toie Roberts, William Roberts 3, Berkeley Hermis Roberts, and Billion Leonard Roberts. There is not much info about the parents of the personality. They live with each other in Rick Ross House


Rick started the career of rapping career at a very early stage and during his early years of the Suave House Records, he initially made his debut under the name, Teflon Da Don. He made his recording debut with the song, “Ain’t Shhh To Discuss” on the album of a singer or rapper. In the mid of 2000’s he set his name to “Rick Ross”. This was inspired by the name of a famous drug kingpin, “Freeway Rick Ross”.

After being signed by the Suave House Records, he signed a deal with Slip-n-Slide Records and started working with them. Afterward, Rick achieved a lot in his career and became one of the most successful rappers of his era by dropping very great rap songs.

He started to go live and conducted concerts which had a huge impact on his income and he started earning more and more. So he had a very successful career. He bought a huge mansion in Georgia and people often ask about rick ross house address.

Rick Ross House in Georgia

rick ross house address

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You probably have heard that one man’s disaster is another man’s opportunity. The same is the case with Rick Ross House in Georgia, United States. This mansion previously belonged to Evander Holyfield, a former heavy-weight champion. He had to sell his mansion due to some reasons.

He finally sold his Mansion, which covered an area of 45000 sq feet or more than that(not sure). to a  bank for $7.5 million. Rick took the opportunity and bought the mansion. It is not clear how much he paid to buy it, but the starting auction was $2.5 million.

Location Of The House

People often ask about rick ross house address. This house is located in The Atalanta, Georgia suburb of Fayetteville. This mansion is the largest single-family mansion and it has one of the largest swimming pools in the entire United States with a huge amount of water gallons..


rick ross mansion is enormous so you can expect some huge numbers regarding the rooms. The mansion has 109 rooms with 12 of them being bedrooms and 21 of them being bathrooms. Every room’s ceiling, columns, and curtains are gold accented,

Anonymous Leisures

Celebrities always buy mansions so they can do everything inside their home and they don’t have to go outside to enjoy them. Rick’s mansion has a huge bowling alley, basketball court, home gym, home theatre, and boxing gym. He also has a recording studio where he can practice and make records. If the outside gigantic swimming pool wasn’t enough, he has an inside swimming pool. The mansion is filled with amazing places.


Every celebrity love to spend their money on buying huge houses or mansions near special places so that they can enjoy the leisures of the outside world, inside their homes. It’s a kind of culture where everyone wants to surpass the other.

Rick Ross House is one of the biggest in Georgia and he has upgraded it well so that we get the best from it. This was a detailed article about a house of Rick in Georgia. Hope you liked it.

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