Do you know how beautiful is Colleen Ballinger House? Colleen Ballinger is a YouTuber who bought a new home and everyone is curious to know about how it looks! So we will discuss everything about her new mansion in this article.

Colleen Ballinger is a comedian, singer, and actor who after appearing in the TV series “Haters Back off” became more famous. Miranda is a fictional character that Colleen portrays in her videos and everyone is loving it.

She is not using one but more than two accounts on YouTube and she has millions of subscribers on every account and lifetime views in billions so if you want to know where does colleen Ballinger live now or what’s the Colleen Ballinger’s house address, keep reading this article all the way to the end!

Who is Colleen Ballinger?

Colleen Ballinger

She was born in Santa Barbara, California, US on 21st November 1986 and went to San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara after homeschooling for a few years. After completing high school, she went for higher studies and graduated in 2008 from Azusa Pacific University.

Colleen Ballinger runs a YouTube channel named Miranda Sings which has 10 Million subscribers and over 2.2 Billion lifetime views. Her other channel which is named Colleen Ballinger has 8.5 Million subscribers and over 1.8 Billion lifetime views.

She portrays a character named Miranda, who thinks I am the best singer in the world but she doesn’t even know how to sing. Colleen plays this character in such a humorous manner that everyone finds it so funny and her videos are getting millions of likes.

“Colleen Vlogs” is a third channel run by Colleen Ballinger and it has 3.5 Million subscribers and approximately 750 Million views. She also has another channel with her husband that has over 200,000 subscribers & 16 Million views.

It is so great to see that someone is running 3 or 4 successful channels; she must be a most talented woman. She also had her film debut in 2011 with Varla Jean and the Mushroomhead’s. She also made her Television debut in 2012 as Nurse Royal with Dr. Fabulous and worked for many Brand endorsements.

Colleen Ballinger’s Family/Relationships:

Colleen’s father Tim Ballinger is a sales manager and her mother Gwen Ballinger is a housewife. Her eldest brother Christopher Ballinger and youngest sister Rachel Ballinger are also YouTubers. She also has another elder brother named Trent Ballinger.

She was married to Joshua David Evans on 2nd July 2015, before that they were in a relationship since 2009. The couple got separated in the same year of marriage and the reason is still unknown.

In June 2018, she got engaged to Erik Stocklin and gave birth to her son Flynn Timothy Stocklin on December 10, 2018. She also gave birth to twins including a baby boy named Wesley Koy Stocklin and a baby girl named Maisy Joanne Stocklin.

What does Colleen Ballinger House look like?

Her new home is so beautiful and it was built in 1949 but it does not look like it is too old because it was renovated in 2014 and now it is a 2-story suburban American home. The Colleen Ballinger house is located in the area of Encino near downtown LA and many people use “Valley” to refer to this area.

This gorgeous mansion has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and covers over 1,600 square feet of space. She bought this home after a huge success of her YouTube channels and her Net Worth is $35 Million, the specifications of Colleen Ballinger House are given below:

  •         Number of Bedrooms: 3
  •         Number of Bathrooms: 2
  •         Area (Square Feet): 1,654 sqft.
  •         Price: $3 Million.
  •         Colleen Ballinger House Address: Encino, CA, US.

What’s the best thing about Colleen Ballinger House?

The Colleen Ballinger house has a sense of peace and it looks so refreshing due to the colors used in this mansion such as cool blue color. With gable roofs and timber wood supports, Colleen Ballinger’s house has an extraordinary and enthusiastic interior.

This house is located in the Encino area where temperatures are usually high so the prices are cheaper here as compared to other areas. Encino is a Spanish word that means Oak Tree. Many celebrities live here because it is such a great place.

Wrapping Up:

We hope you liked reading this article because everyone was curious to know about where Colleen Ballinger lives now, so we added all the details about her career, family, and her new home along with Colleen Ballinger house address.

Colleen Ballinger is such a talented YouTuber running more than two channels with millions of subscribers. She is also an actress and a comedian and she is famous for the funny videos on her channel Miranda sings.

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