Anyone associated with the youtube community or who enjoys the platform’s content has a high chance of knowing the Dobre Brothers. Famous for their pranks, singing and rapping, lifestyle, and the Dobre Brothers House, they are the early beneficiaries of youtube and pioneers of the field of Entertainment.

The Dobre brothers have built their engagement from years of hard work and dedication. At the moment the combined net worth is more than $25million, with 10+ million subscribers and more than 2.5 billion views on Youtube. They have created a solid fan base who are always on the lookout for news about their latest video, where does the dobre brothers live, the latest cars, the dobre brothers house address, and much more.

Dobre Brothers Life History

dobre brothers house address


If you are living under a rock or have a question like Who are these Dobre brothers? Let us be your guide. Dobre brothers are four brothers who are famous as Youtube entertainment giants, Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus, and Darius. Cyrus and Darius are the elder ones born on 9th March 1998 and 2nd August 1995. Lucas and Marcus are twins who were born on 28th January 1999 in Maryland.The USA.

The parents of Dobre’s brother, Boz Mofid the father was a gymnastic coach whilst their mother Aurelia Dobre won the ‘World Artistic Gymnastics Championship’ in 1987. Although, she retired but surely passed the energetic and acrobatic genes to her children. The Dobre brother was raised in Maryland and it helped them a lot in their Youtube careers.

Furthermore, many fans and people inquire where does the dobre brothers live apart from their hometowns? Well, they moved alongside their parents to Hagerstown in 2005 as the Dobre brothers were to complete High school education there.

Education and career

The Dobre brothers did complete their initial education altogether from ‘South Hagerstown High School’ in their hometown. The elder son of Miss Dobre, Cyrus completed his undergraduate degree in strategic communication and further received a Masters’s degree in Sociology. While Darius graduated from ‘Towson University.

Furthermore, Lucas and Marcus were busy building their youtube channel and a revenue-generating platform for them. The official Dobre brothers channel, was launched in 2017 but it started way back with the younger ones. The twins created a channel that featured vines and amusing and acrobatic dance videos before the Dobre Brothers channel

The Vine channel was famous as ‘Twinbotz’, and it generated a handsome amount of engagement among its followers with 300K subscribers by the end of 2014. The Dobre brothers saw this opportunity, they cashed it by collapsing with jake paul and team 10 and moved to Los Angeles. This surely increased their popularity and hits on the youtube channel but the collaboration was very short-lived.

Contrary to the common belief, that Marcus and Lucas betrayed team 10, they stated in their defense that they were feeling home-sick and it was difficult for them to live or work without seeing their families

.From then onwards, the Dobre brothers rose to fame as all four of them started their joint channel on Youtube. Apart from pranks, and acrobatic dance videos they also started to release their songs, rap music, Dobre merchandise, and much more.

The Dobre house: Price and Specifications

The  Dobre Brothers House is located in Maryland and it created quite a sense of awe for their fans and the youtube community. The huge mansion or known as ‘ Dobre Brothers House’ consists of 10 bedrooms along with 6-7 bathrooms. The  Dobre Brothers House  stretches over approximately 5845sqft acquired of land which has all the amenities and luxuries.

It has an in-ground swimming pool, a koi pond along with koi fish, a separate garage for expensive cars, and a fountain. The Dobre house specializes in modern artwork and design with construction including from glass and rock. It has a separate guest house, and the worth of the Dobre Brothers House is around $4million.The dobre brothers house address is 7680 Stewart Hill Rd, Adamstown, MD 21710.

The Dobre Brothers House in Maryland is very spacious and based on greenery around it. The built and vacant areas are the best suitable place for YouTubers like them are looking. Thus, many of their viewers can witness their recent videos and skits are being perform on a very lush and green ground around a huge mansion


The Youtube stars have come a far way from creating vines to promoting videos of Big brands such as Coca-Cola. The Dobre Brothers House and expensive cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maclaren are testaments to their success and grit.

Apart from youtube, they are also striving to spread good in society. They are actively participating in support of anti-bullying and making their videos family and children-oriented. They are an example for people of all backgrounds that if you are together with the people you trust, everything is possible.

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