Rented Apartment in Qatar

Saving money when renting an apartment is not easy in any country, especially if you are an expat. If you are in Qatar, there are plenty of opportunities to rent or buy a property. As one of the largest and most developed countries in the Middle East, Qatar has the highest GDP in the region. This directly translates into a higher standard of living which attracts many expats to visit the country for a job or to create a new life.

If you are moving to Qatar, then you must be looking for ways to save money when you get an apartment for rent in Qatar. We understand the challenge. As a property portal in Qatar, FGREALTY works with several clients on a budget. Our real estate agents are professionals who help people locate the best properties for rent matching their budget.

Simple Tips to Save Money When Renting Apartment

Negotiate before you rent 

Landlords always want to keep good tenants. That is, if you are living in an apartment for rent in Qatar and your landlord prefers you, they will want you to stay as long as you can. It is an additional cost for them to move you out and rent your property to someone else. As a tenant, you have some leverage.

Before you renew the lease of your Qatar living apartment, do some research on some similar apartments in your area to know the rent rate. Now you can negotiate the right amount with the landlord, and if they don’t budge, you can tell them you’re going to look elsewhere. Generally, landlords want to retain a good tenant, which can work in your favour. However, there is a word of caution. You must always know when to haggle. Independent landlords are more likely to negotiate than property management companies. If you take a flat for rent in Qatar in a housing complex, it will be challenging to secure concessions. It would help if you tried to sweeten the deal by offering something in return, such as increasing the contract period.

Consider the location 

In Qatar, over 90% of the population lives in the capital city of Doha. This is the location where you will find most of the residential complexes. However, if you look for an apartment for rent in Qatar at places such as Doha city or The Pearl, the properties will be pretty expensive. The further you move from these locations, the cheaper it gets to find a flat for rent in Qatar. This is why considering the place is a must if you want to save money when renting an apartment.

FGREALTY is a popular property portal in Qatar that lists some of the most exclusive apartments for rent from all central locations. You can look for the best apartments for rent in Qatar here. Some places to look for affordable apartments for rent in Qatar include:

Al Mansoura: It is a residential locality that is suitable for families. You can rent a relatively spacious apartment for a reasonable price. A one-bedroom studio apartment in this area is available for as low as QR 2,500 per month.

Salwa Road: If you work in the industrial area of Al Waab, you can rent an apartment on Salwa Road. Most of the apartments available for rent here are fully furnished. You can rent a two-bedroom apartment for QR 4,000.

Pay upfront

Another way to save some money when renting an apartment in Qatar is to pay the entire lease or at least a few months of rent in advance. This is a recommended hack because you can save a lot of money when you pay for the lease upfront. However, this option is only viable if you have enough savings to cover after giving a significant cut to the landlord as advance rent. Your landlord will appreciate cash and be willing to make a better deal if you offer to pay upfront.

You can also use a property portal in Qatar to look for properties where discounts are available for a front payment of the rent. This will work in your favour only if you have spare cash to make a considerable deposit as advance rent. It is a suitable method for someone who lives alone and has the opportunity to make extra money working overtime.


These are some ways you can save money when renting a Qatar living apartment. Properties for rent are readily available. How much discount you can avail of depends on the property’s location, tenancy period, and the negotiation technique you use.FGREALTY is the property portal in Qatar where you can find an apartment for rent in Qatar-based, matching your requirement.

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