Wedding Night Room Decoration Ideas

Wedding night is the most special night of anyone’s life. It is important that we make every right effort to make this night special for our loved one as this night will become a core memory for the couple for years to come.  

There are many things you can plan for this night, but the main thing remains in the bedroom decoration for wedding night. The room decoration should be something personal (like including a neon light of the couple’s wedding hashtag or initials)  that is appreciated by the couple and not something that will feel heavy. 

It is important to keep the essence of the night and choose a decoration style which will entice excitement and love in the newly wedded couple. Selecting a romantic décor with some wine and chocolates to enjoy will surely perk up some sizzling feeling in the couple. 

Wedding Night Room Decoration Ideas 

bedroom decoration for wedding night


If you are confused about the type of décor you need to choose, then read our guide here with 5 stunning wedding night room decoration ideas which may nudge you in the right direction. 

Floral Strings and Flowers Everywhere 

The smell and fragrance of flowers are loved by everyone. Bedroom decoration for wedding night with flowers will give you a huge range of options as you can choose between various types of flowers and that too in different colors. 

Making floral strings and wrapping them around the bedpost can give your bed a classy look. Apart from using floral strings, you can also use flower bouquets placed on the nightstand and on the dresser as well.  

You can also play with rose petals and spread them across the floor. Or better yet spell out a message for your spouse with rose petals on the bed. 

Elegant Floral Canopy 

A canopy with flowers seems like a dreamy décor. You might have seen many similar designs in movies and pictures. It is now up to you how you can make this style look unique and different from the design in the movies. 

The floral canopy is a traditional and simple wedding night bed decoration to decorate a newlyweds’ room. You can also add exotic flowers such as orchids and green leaves to make an elegant wedding room decoration. 

Balloon décor 

Balloons make a big statement, so it makes a great wedding night decoration option. Balloons have become a staple of wedding decoration in recent years. More and more people are changing their interests for wedding décor from traditional flowers to modern style with balloons. 

Heart-shaped balloons are a great way to express your feelings for your spouse. You can select any color of balloons to decorate the room for your wedding night, but red and white look great. Apart from brightly colored balloons, you can choose from pastel, dark colored balloons and even metallic balloons to make your first night the most memorable day of your life. 

Light Some Candles 

As we all are aware that the lights of candles are considered as the most romantic type of lighting that you can use. The flickering light of the candle projects an amber glow that enhances the decoration of your overall room.  

The candles for decoration can be placed on the nightstand and on the floor and even at the corners of the room. Adding a scented candle light to your wedding room is a great tool to set the right mood. These scented candles are a fascinating and beautiful room decoration that can add a special charm to your wedding night. 

The only thing that makes candles not the first choice for wedding nights is that it poses a fire hazard. As most couples get tired after the wedding reception and a couple of wine glasses, it is better to make sure candles are lit out. 

Fairy Lights With Drape Canopy 

Glittering fairy lights hanging loosely on drape canopy is the perfect room decoration idea for the first night. Fairy lights on the bed create a romantic and intense atmosphere in the room. A comfortable bed with fluffy pillows can make your first night a dream come true. It can add a special kind of magic to your wedding room. 

Sheer drapes that are wrapped with strings of fairy light apart from giving your bedroom a dreamy effect, will also cost you a lot less than other options in the list. And the best part is that the supplies can be used again. Whenever you are feeling a bit cheesy, take out the drapes and lights, decorate the room and relive the moments of your wedding night with the love of your life. 


bedroom decoration for wedding night


Here are some stunning wedding night room decoration ideas that you can choose from or even get a rough idea of what you want to do and what you would like to skip when decorating the room for your wedding night. 

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