Maintenance of Pools

Imagine all the challenges we face every year! I’m not talking about Florida Man or alligators. I’m talking about the weather! South Florida is home to the most unusual weather in the world!

Winter: Protecting Pools from Freezing Temperatures

The start of the year is marked by freezing temperatures in South Florida. Yes, South Florida can freeze, which is something that our friends from the north may not realize. We need to learn how to protect pools from such extreme temperatures.

Spring: Preparing for Spring Downpours

After winter comes the spring downpours. How can we prepare our swimming pools for all the pollen and water? It’s essential to clear your pool of any debris after heavy rain and check its pH level to maintain water chemistry.

Summer: Dealing with Extreme Heat

As we enter the extreme heat of summer, we’ll have to deal with water evaporation and mineral buildup.

Ensure your pool’s heat/cooling pump is functioning correctly, consider using an autofill system to maintain water levels, and be vigilant against scaling, a buildup of minerals that can damage pool equipment.

Fall: Preparing for Hurricane Season

In South Florida, the year ends not with fall but with hurricane season. If a hurricane is forecasted for the region, secure loose objects, remove patio furnishings, and consider keeping screen room doors open to allow wind to pass through. After the storm, clear debris from the pool area and test water chemistry.

Remember, no matter the season, proper pool maintenance ensures a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for all!

Our luxury pool builders in Miami FL will not settle merely building pools and patios; we want to positively impact the environment and benefit our clients from our knowledge. From construction to maintenance to outstanding customer service, we will never settle for less than the best.

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