How To Insulate Windows To Keep Heat Out

As the whole world is facing global warming due to the ruptures present in the Ozone layer, it is evident that each year is warmer than the previous one. As the summer is already here, those who are struggling to keep themselves warm, are in luck at the moment. While others, living in warm places, are struggling to keep their housing space as cool and breathable as possible. 

However, the heat can be very exhausting for many people physically, as the heat makes you sweat a lot and mentally as well, because extra electric and gas consumption may increase your monthly expenses by a lot. 

To help fight the heat, here are some tips on how to insulate windows to keep heat out. The methods we have shared here are with a wide range of options. Some of them are DIYs and cost you less, while others may cost you quite a bit, but in the long run may cut your electric bill by a large margin.  

Let’s check out these tips on how to insulate windows for summer

How To Insulate Windows To Keep Heat Out? 

how to insulate windows for summer


How To Insulate Windows To Keep Heat Out? There are many ways to insulate your windows that can help you keep the heat out of your home. While the heat is not totally cut off, but using any type of insulation on the windows may help you make the place bearable without the excessive use of air conditioner and fans. 

Insulation is different for warm and cold weather. While we may use thick fabrics for curtains and professional insulation of home for winters, the warm weather may require window insulation with shades and bubble wraps. 

Some of the common and easy insulation methods for windows are briefly explained below: 

  • Heat Blocking Window Shades 

Installing window shades is the easiest way to block the summer heat coming inside the house. Window shades are readily available at the store or you can order them according to the size of the windows. The shades can be installed by yourself which will help you making it less expensive and only cost you for the shades. 

When choosing the color of the shades, it is recommended that you choose a lighter shade that will reflect the light and do not allow the heat to get inside. 

  • Roller Or Panel Blinds 

Roller or panel blinds are another great option to block out heat. Roller and panel blinds are mostly opaque and do not let any light pass through them. It can serve as a great tool for blocking the heat out. 

  • External Window Shading 

External shades give an aesthetic feel to the overall appearance of the house. With the external shades, the sunlight will be blocked out and will give a chance to enjoy the breeze while blocking direct sunlight. This will also allow you to keep the windows open for ventilation. 

External window shades are mostly used in shops which are required to keep their doors open and inviting for the customers. 

  • Insulation with Bubble Wrap 

If you are not concerned about the looks of your house and only want a low-cost effective heat blocking solution, then the bubble wrap insulation is the best option for you. Bubble wraps can be a good solution for both hot and cold weather. You can use the bubble wrap to seal the window glass which will give you a temporary solution. However, as you may imagine, it does look incredibly unappealing. 

  • Heat Reducing Window Film 

Heat reducing window films are made with thin sheets of plastic which are attached to the inside of the window. These window films are mildly effective to block the heat. However, if you like natural light coming into your house, these window films might help you reduce some of the heat while letting you enjoy the rays of sunlight. 

  • Combination of Various Methods for Window Insulation 

For a greater effect, you can combine more than one of the various heat blocking window insulation options. For example, with the use of heat reducing window film, you can also use blinds or window shades which will have a greater effect when combined. 

These methods will let you reduce the heat inside your house and in turn may also help you cut down on your electricity and gas consumption. Most of these window insulation methods are pocket-friendly and DIY and can be easily done by anyone. 


how to insulate windows for summer


We have shared some DIY and cost-effective window insulation ideas that can help any household in the heat of the summer. We hope that your initial query of ‘How To Insulate Windows To Keep Heat Out’ is now resolved after reading this article. 

If you have any further queries or want to add something to the topic, share it with us in the comments below. 

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