Nothing looks classier than vintage furniture preserved perfectly. But that’s not the case with most antique furniture pieces. As much as you would love to cherish the classic beauty, they can’t live forever. So instead of putting them out on the streets or selling them as scrap, why not bring that antiqueness to your bathroom?

If you are planning to have your bathroom remodeled and want to save up on the costs, using your old vintage furniture as a freestanding vanity unit with a basin would get the job done. Besides these pre-loved furniture pieces look more stunning than most contemporary-styled units, given that you have a thing for classy interiors.

Stop tiring yourself out from picturing how an old piece of bathroom furniture can fit in as your new vanity unit. From the basic plumbing to placing the right type of taps on top, we’ll be explaining everything in this article.

What Furniture Serves Best as a Free-standing Vanity Unit with Basin?

It may not be possible to turn every cabinet into a vanity unit. Therefore, you should know what can be the best fit for this purpose. Moreover, you should also look for materials that can withstand a humid environment. The best material for such a purpose can be engineered wood as it is cheap and easily available. Anyway, there are ways to make your furniture unit water-resistant as well.

Since vanity units have a countertop with a fixed basin unit, you’d need something that closely relates to it. Perhaps any wooden table or chest drawer with at least a 40 cm of countertop width would work. You also need to make sure the furniture is constructed out of hardwood sturdy enough to bear the weight of the basin bowl on top.

Similarly, do consider the height of the furniture as well. You wouldn’t want to lean over the basin every time you have to use it. Something between 80 cm to 95 cm would suit most individual heights.

While you are at it, do figure out whether or not you’d be needing any storage. And if so, how much storage space would be ample. The answer should be based on the type of bathroom, and the number of people who’ll be using it. In case having sufficient storage, and space is important, a chest drawer is the most appropriate furniture piece you can use.

Paving Way for Plumbing

Turning your old piece of bathroom furniture will require you to have some DIY knowledge. Else it will be hard and may sometimes be disastrous to deal with such things. So some you must know to make some cuts on the wood so, you can make a way into plumbing. If it was already used in the bathroom then you are all saved. It may already have where the plumbing would fit. It is a pretty simple job that you can complete quickly however, you should get help from the internet to make it right. 

If you can’t watch your favorite piece of furniture, get butchered, this might be the time to back out. Let’s start with the top. Instead of severing the entire top, cut out the top according to the size of the basin bowl you intend to fit in. Secondly, make cutouts at the rear end of the furniture to connect both hot and cold taps to their respective plumbing lines.

If you are using a table without too many drawers, the process is plain and simple. However, if you have selected a drawer chest for the project, you’d need some more wear and tear. You’d need to cut the top part of a few drawers to make way for the drainage pipe. This may make the drawers shallow, but they would still work effectively. 

Choosing the Right Basin

While you may choose a vanity unit without a sink, to give it a complete makeover, you should go for the freestanding vanity unit with a basin. The most important thing here it to choose an appropriate sink other than the 

The ideal way to go about with the project is to install a surface-mounted basin on top. Because they would not only occupy less space but would make things easier when it comes to tearing away parts.

While selecting the style of the basin, make sure the looks match the aesthetics of the furniture itself. Even though white ceramic would go along with most, you can also consider other choices like terrazzo, marble, and concrete basin especially if you are all for the vintage looks.

Paint Your Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin

The next thing after an initial setup will be painting the floor standing vanity unit with a basin. To do it you must first start with choosing the most appropriate paint colour. Then you will need to rip off the paint that was already on it. It is possible to use pain-removing liquid that will make your job hassle-free. You can start it with an initial quoting a then will need two coats of the paint on it. Make sure you prevent surrounding areas and the worktop sink from getting paint markets over it during the paint. 

Preserving the Wooden Top

Yes, constant contact with water can take a toll on the wood. In case the furniture has a timber top, make sure it stays resistant to water. You can also cover the timber top with an Osmo Polyx-oil or a varnish wax to make it waterproof. Even though it would eliminate the direct threat of getting damaged by water, it does not mean you should stop caring about the furniture altogether. Regular care is necessary and will ensure that it works perfectly in the long term. 

Final Thoughts. 

Turning you vintage bathroom storage into a freestanding vanity unit can be a great way to utilize your space. It can be a great DIY project over the weekend. You will need to follow the above-provided instruction to make the job easy and hassle free. You should have some DIY knowledge before you can work on it. Once completed it will perfectly look like a new vanity unit that otherwise will be ordering from the shop.

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