Office relocation in India or business relocation is more multifaceted than a residential relocation. In residential relocation, one can move solo or with the entire family. Family members are related by blood and there is strong affection between each other; there is no financial liability that hinders the bond within the family. As you consider a residential relocation, the family members contribute to the process and accomplish it. Office relocation is a different story altogether. The employees aren’t related and each employee is accountable to the hierarchy if anything goes wrong due to their negligence.

The office equipment and properties do not belong to a particular person but are intended for the use of all the staff members. Although the responsibility of office relocation is handled by a single person, there are a lot of risk factors involved in such an undertaking. Yet there are reasons why people consider relocating their office space or business. The size of the move, the distance of the move, and the time of the move can help you in carrying out office relocation with accuracy. In this article, I will let you know about the reasons, the challenges, and the effective solutions for executing office relocation.

Reasons for office relocation or business relocation:

There can be several reasons why you may want to shift your office or your business from one space to another:

  • Relocating to a bigger space to accommodate the expanding turnover and new clientele.
  • Relocating to a smaller space to hold a downsized workforce.
  • Relocating to a new space after the completion of the lease period.

Challenges faced during office relocation in India:

Office relocation is an intricate and multilateral process. You cannot think of conducting office shifting all by yourself as you can do in case of a residential move. Moreover, it is a time-consuming process and cannot be done on short notice. Here are a few noteworthy challenges that you might face during office relocation:

  • Assortment of goods

As you plan to relocate your office, you will find that the goods are of various shapes, sizes, prices, and utilities. Packing and moving all these assorted articles is truly encumbered. You cannot handle the shifting by yourself and neither can you ask the office employees to lend a hand in the process. Thus, you have to get professional help for the same.

  • Equipment and furniture

Office furniture is bulky and weighty at the same time. The cubicles and desks consume a lot of space and some of them are even angular in shape. Moving them can be a daunting task. You will need multiple helping hands to carry out the relocation. Other office employees will feel awkward shifting office furniture from one place to another. You do not have any other option than to get professional help.

  • Confidential documents

Every office cabin has files loaded with confidential documents like the personal identity proofs of the employees, their resumes, their work experience letters, the client records, the in-voices, the bid quotation records, etc. If any of these sensitive documents get misplaced and some miscreant takes advantage of this, then you are in deep waters.

  • Technical set-up

After the completion of the office shifting, you may think that the goal has been achieved. But, a considerable amount of work remains undone until the technical team does not set up the equipment. Without the tech-support, the regular office chores cannot proceed at all.

Effective solutions to execute office relocation:

Here are some of the most effective solutions to execute office relocation with ease and precision.

  • Entitle a project manager

Office shifting is a massive undertaking that needs professional help to be successful. But there needs to be someone who can supervise the entire activity with authority, responsibility, and dedication. Choose a project manager to execute the office relocation in an organised manner.

  • Strategise a plan

Office shifting is a time taking process and you should plan out everything in advance. Start planning at least 4 to 5 months before the day of the move. You should strategise things from the grass-root level. Chalk out the interiors and figure out the position of the furniture and larger equipment.

  • Notify the staff members

Inform the staff members about the plan to move the office. The employees have to figure out their regular timing to reach the new office address.

  • Get professional help

As we already discussed earlier, unlike residential relocation, office relocation cannot be handled on your own. You need to hire professional packers and movers for the same. But, you have to be cautious as you finalise the moving company as they will be handling your official confidential documents.

  • Communicate with the technical team

Your technical team must be notified months ahead of the day of the move. They need to take data backup, get additional storage, and manage the server connections and phone connections.

  • De-clutter the office space

You should check the office and look out for all the unnecessary documents, files, worn-out furniture, shabby upholstery and blinds, obsolete equipment, kaput stationeries, etc. These are the extra stuff that will never serve any purpose and will add up to the size of the move. You can sell the old furniture and equipment on online second-hand selling sites. Discard the rest of the trash to make your move light-weight. Cutting down the size of your move will reduce the packing and moving cost.

  • Get new furniture ahead of time

If you are getting new furniture in the new office, order them ahead of time. Get them delivered to the new office address and set up the office within a couple of days.

  • Update the new office address

Now that your office address has changed, you should update it on the business cards, letterheads, and website. Again, all the staff members and the clients should be well aware of the updated office address.

  • Programme some time to settle

Keep 3 to 5 days to properly arrange the new office before commencing with the client meetings inside. You will not want the clients to come and experience a mess in the meeting room. It is better to withhold the scheduled meetings and postpone them until the office gets ready for such agendas.

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The Recapitulation

Office shifting is a hectic and detailed phenomenon. You need to be responsible, calm, and able to take swift yet correct decisions. Office shifting is teamwork but there will be a handful of staff members who will come ahead for assistance. You have to hire authentic and experienced packers and movers service to execute the office relocation perfectly. I am sure that you got all the necessary information on office shifting in India and the reasons, the challenges, and the effective solutions regarding it. I wish your team a great move!