The flooring is one of the most crucial components for improving a home’s interior. Marble flooring is one of the most popular types of materials utilised to accomplish this goal and give your home a continuous floor finish. Marble in Pakistan

It’s crucial to select the ideal type of marble for your home, given the ease and elegance that marble brings, considering your budget and style.

The most intelligent property portal in Pakistan, Sk Stones, offers you a wide range of marble varieties in Pakistan along with costs to assist you in picking marble for your home. Given that each has distinct qualities, the question of whether to choose marble or granite flooring is still contentious in Pakistan. However, due to its increased elegance and practicality in modern house designs, marble is frequently the material of choice.

This substance comes in various forms and is produced as marble tiles, which are subsequently utilised for flooring.

The following list of popular and frequently used marble kinds is priced differently. Their pricing per square foot can differ depending on their distinctive qualities and durability.

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Marble Paulino

Floors made of Parlino Marble in Cream

The Paulino Marble has a smooth design with few texture lines and a light cream tint. This kind of marble offers the interior of your house a contemporary feel and provides a fantastic glossy surface that is simple to maintain.

Paulino Marble is one of the nicest marble varieties in Pakistan while being quite pricey.

Verona Crystal Stone

Marble from Verona in the colour cream beige

Verona Crystal is a stone with a deep, gorgeous golden-brown colour. This kind of marble is a very cost-effective option and is frequently utilise as flooring in large venues.

Starting at approximately Rs. 75 per square foot, you can choose Verona Crystal Marble for your home.

Plain China Verona Marble

Pakistani Verona Plain Marble Flooring

This particular variety of Verona Marble is referred to as China Verona Marble because it is importe from China. The option of having marble flooring is growing in popularity.

Given that it is imported, it is a little more expensive than most marbles, but it is a great option for your home’s interior.

The tiles made of China Verona marble have the fewest crystals embedded, which speaks to their strength and superiority.

Verona Marble Spots

One of Pakistan’s most popular marble flooring options is Verona spots marble in grey tones.

In Pakistan, Verona Spots marble is one of the most popular choices because of its low cost and smooth texture. It goes by the name Verona Dhaba and is frequently seen in kitchens, stairs, galleries, and rooms.

Stone of Tavera

Pakistani Travera Marble Flooring

Tavera is a stunning beige marble with subtle brown overtones and traces of earthy colour. This marble is particularly cost-effective and suitable for flooring applications.

Tavera marble gives your home’s floors a detailed appearance due to its granular nature.

Marble Tavera Light

marble flooring tile in a beige skin

A Tavera variant that is lighter in weight is Tavera Light Marble. It somewhat qualifies as Pakistan’s most economical marble flooring option due to its weight.

People on a tight budget who want to improve the interior of their houses may consider this choice because it is inexpensive and accessible.

Marble Tipi Flower

Natural stone marble with a distinctive marble flooring option called Tipi Flower has a little granular texture and appears uniformly organised. It is a marble tile that adds to the beauty of your home and is reasonably priced.

Coastal Marble
Dark Grey Ocean Marble Flooring

Beautifully streaked marble with a dark green-black colour is call oceanic marble. One of Pakistan’s most exquisite marble floor designs includes brown embedded patches.

People who choose darker flooring colours will find this a particularly good option.
Marble in black and gold

Thanks to the stunning Black and Gold marble, your home’s interior receives a rich finish. It also goes by “Michaelangelo marble” and contains black streaks with white, grey, and gold accents.

This is frequently utilise in bedrooms and even businesses to improve the interior of any place. It is rarely use for a house’s whole flooring because it is fairly pricey.

Yellow Marble

Another lovely alternative that is not only affordable but also gives off a lovely, contemporary aspect is golden marble.

Supreme Ziarat Marble

White Ziarat Supreme Marble with earthy streaks
If you want to design a high-end interior for your home, Ziarat Supreme is one of Pakistan’s most expensive marbles. The cost of these anti-slip marble floor tiles is on the extremely high end of the pricing range, given their quality.

Ziarat Supreme costs a staggering Rs. 300 per square foot.

Gray Ziarat

Grey marble flooring in Ziarat

Despite being local, this marble is somewhat more expensive than other varieties. This marble has a smooth grey colour and complements your space’s décor.

White Marble Ziarat

This white marble flooring is perfect for customers who seek an exquisite interior in their homes or offices. It is one of Pakistan’s most exclusive and pricey varieties of locally mined marble.

This marble has an entirely white backdrop and a high-end finish with extremely fine random grain patterns.

Marble Badal

Pakistan regularly uses the white-streaked natural tile known as Badal for flooring.

Emperador Marble in grey

Dark grey Emperador Marble flooring with white dirt streaks

It is simple to find this mid-range stone in Pakistan. It is a beautiful marble tile with subtle tints of brown and grey. Grey is frequently use as flooring for kitchens, porches, galleries, etc.

A few weeks ago, during the Covid-19 lockdown in Pakistan,  Marble in Pakistan the building sector and all related developments were put on hold. However, the building industry has just been given the status of an industry by Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has said that work will resume in the sector on April 14. This was done to support the government’s goal of constructing 5 million homes as part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program and to keep the country’s economic wheels turning and generating income and jobs (NPHP). This action will not only aid individuals who depend on daily salaries to provide for their families, but it will also allow you to finish building your house if you have to stop midway due to the lockdown.

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types of marble flooring

In order to provide you with a fully equipped modern home that is not only ready to move in but also welcoming, home construction necessitates the use of a variety of materials that effortlessly merge together. But both a homeowner’s or a contractor’s personal preferences and financial considerations play a role in the material selection process. Similar to many other nations, Pakistan frequently uses marble flooring to lend a touch of class to contemporary interiors because Pakistan itself is a major source of the raw material. The cost per square foot of the various types of marble flooring, on the other hand, varies depending on their distinct features and qualities.

Here, we’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of Pakistani marble flooring before presenting you with a selection of the most popular types so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Do you have any thoughts about purchasing marble flooring in Pakistan? If so, the following are some of the main advantages to think about:

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  • refines the appearance of your environment by adding elegance
  • There are numerous sorts, colours, and styles available.
  • natural substance with distinctive patterns
  • permits the passage of natural light through it, giving it a shine.
  • Its smoothness and sheen are simple to preserve with polish.
  • Marble can be used to make flooring with vibrant patterns.
  • Both residential and commercial settings use marble flooring.


In contrast, the following are some disadvantages of having marble flooring in a Pakistani home:


  • Material with pores that will discolour if coloured or acidic liquid spills on it
  • because it is a somewhat soft stone, it is readily scratched.
  • Due to its fragility and brittleness, it may chip, crack, or break.
  • It’s never easy to find two tiles that are exactly alike.
  • a dangerously slick terrain where carelessness could lead to accidents

Types of marble flooring that are frequently found in Pakistan

Now let’s talk about the different types of marble flooring you may get in Pakistan for house renovation or upkeep. The following are the leading varieties:


  • Dark Grey
  • Emperador Grey
  • Tavera
  • Fancy Botticino
  • Angelo Michael
  • Verona
  • White Ziarat

Let’s briefly go over the characteristics of each type of marble flooring that is offere in Pakistan, along with their costs (as of April 2020).


In Pakistan, low-cost grey marble makes for the best flooring.

Other names include Ziarat Badal, Mad White Marble, Badal Abbot Marble, and Grey Marble.

Price: on average PKR 46 per square foot.

Properties: Badal Grey is a commonly used and locally quarried variety of marble flooring in Pakistan. It is a blend of silver and grey with streaks of white or black.

Emperador Grey

Available Colors for Emperador Include Light Grey and Dark Brown

Oceanic Grey is know by other names.

Price: on average PKR 46 per square foot.



Grey Emperador, as it is know locally in the market, is a mid-range marble that comes in a variety of grey to brown tones and is utilise as a flooring option in both expensive and affordable homes.


An Affordable Beige Marble for Your Flooring Needs is Tavera

Tervera Marble, Travera Beige Marble, Travera Cream Marble, and Travera Limestone are some alternative names for the material.

Price: on average PKR 58 per square foot

Properties: Tavera is a type of reasonably-priced, long-lasting marble flooring used in Pakistani homes. It is a beige marble with natural earthy streaks.


If you want a low-cost option for your home, install Botticino Fancy.

Boticina Fancy Marble, Boticina Cream Marble, Botticino Cream Marble, and Botticino Fancy Beige Marble are some other names for this stone.

Price: on average PKR 75 per square foot.


Botticino Fancy is a low-cost investment that comes in a number of tints, and it is another sort of beige marble that you can easily install as flooring in Pakistan.

Angelo Michael

Marble in Black and Gold is a Special and Elegant Addition to Any Home

Other Names: Michelangelo Marble, Black Gold Marble, and Black and Gold Marble

Price: PKR 98 on average per square foot


The Black and Gold Marble adds an ornamental finish to your floors. Due to its distinctive appearance, where streaks of black, gold, white, grey, and brown blend to form magnificent patterns. it is widely use in homes and offices in Pakistan.