Cooking at home can be quite relaxing and therapeutic. Many people who love home-cooked fresh food can’t eat restaurant or diners food continuously. Cooking at home is a fun filled activity and it brings people together as well. However, sometimes the heat from cooking can be overwhelming. Especially during summers when it becomes too hot up to 50 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to combating the summer heat in your home, installing an air conditioning is the first step. So, can you also put up an air conditioner in the kitchen? You can learn more about kitchen air conditioning from the experts.

One must follow some tips before installing an air conditioner in the kitchen.

Is it harmful to put hot appliances beneath the air conditioner?

Don’t keep hot appliances like pressure cookers, ovens, and gas stoves beneath the air conditioner. There will be more energy consumption and you have to pay high electricity bills.

Moreover, the outer body of the AC might start burning because of the heating appliances below. This will ruin the appearance and it is difficult to remove any burn spots on the body of the AC. Then you have to replace the air conditioner.

The gas stove must be away from the air conditioner. While cooking, food particles, oil get evaporated and gets in the air conditioner. This creates a debris layer and it lessens the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

Is it safe to install a central air conditioner with in kitchen?

Many houses with central air conditioner, installs a return air technique in it. It is good for the different rooms in the house. However, it is not good for the kitchen.

This mechanism will absorb all the kitchen fumes and oil and spread it in the house. This will hamper the freshness of your house and it will smell of oil and spices. Hence, Central air conditioning is not good for kitchens.

Is it possible for an air conditioner to blow up in the kitchen?

The commonly used refrigerant gases in air conditions are R410A, R22 and R32.  A regular kitchen with a regular heating, will pose no threat in bursting of an air conditioner. Moreover, these refrigerant gases are not highly combustible even though there is a leak in the air conditioner.

Difference between a normal house air conditioner and a kitchen air conditioner

Using the same air conditioner model with similar size and capacity for the rooms and kitchen, will give separate outcomes. Moreover, the utility bill will be more for the kitchen air conditioner because of the constant piling of oil debris inside the kitchen.

Cooking will be more problematic since heated components will chilly quickly. This is problematic while cooking many dishes together. Moreover, the maintenance cost becomes high due to the constant deposition of smoke and oil in the air conditioner.

Few ideas for proper care and maintenance of the Kitchen air conditioner

  • Use commercial products or some safe chemical substances to clean the air conditioner. This should be done once in a month to maintain the longevity of the equipment. You can even hire experts for a professional AC Repair Service.
  • Food vapours and oily fumes create a deposition inside the air condition. So, after cooking, use a wet towel with mild soap or detergent to clean the surface.
  • The steam appliances and the gas stove must be kept away from the air conditioner
  • Experts recommend installing the air conditioner on the opposite side from the heating appliances.

Ideas for keeping the kitchen cool without using an air conditioner

  • Use induction stove rather than a conventional burner. It can fix about half of the difficulties. An induction cooktop doesn’t really warm the environment. It only heats the cooking surface of the container.
  • Prepare food without using a regular stove for an extended period. Pressure cookers and Microwave ovens quickly cook food, without producing extreme heat in the kitchen area.
  • Placing ceiling or table fans in the kitchen will help in air circulation through the doors and windows. So, keep these in the priority list, while you are designing the interior of the kitchen.
  • Wear comfortable clothes instead of heavy fashionable clothing. While cooking, wearing comfortable clothes will keep you cool. Moreover light and comfortable clothes keep the heat away from your apparel.
  • Lights can increase the temperature in the kitchen as well. Therefore, install only essential lights in the cooking area. Go for energy saving and less heating bulbs which give proper lighting and ambience for the kitchen. This few steps will be beneficial for you in the long term.


Cooking is a time consuming process. But it can be a fun activity too with proper cooling system in your kitchen. For a healthy kitchen environment, consult with experts for the right kind of air conditioning for the kitchen. You can learn more by enquiring about kitchen air conditioning in London.

Installing proper equipment, whether it’s AC or the normal kitchen fans, can decrease your electricity bills. Plus with a proper appliance and cooling system, you can contribute in reducing the carbon footprint in the environment.