Do you have a rather narrow kitchen and are you desperate to arrange it well? If this task does not seem simple at first glance, fitting out a small kitchen is often less complicated than you think. You can always enlarge a room or arrange a space to optimize it as well as possible! In a kitchen, which must be particularly functional and practical, you have to think of a number of elements. We give you 5 tips on how to design small kitchen for an ergonomic result.

Open to the kitchen

First of all, a good layout goes through the illusion of a larger room. To increase the feeling of space in your kitchen, open it to another room. Generally, the kitchen is opened to the living room to connect these two spaces which work together. You have several solutions to opening the kitchen to the living room: you can make a semi-open kitchen or prefer a total opening. For a semi-open kitchen, it must flatter the volume of the room. It is therefore necessary to favor a fairly spacious and aesthetic opening, such as an arched opening.

An open kitchen gives the illusion of a larger surface and lets in light for a pleasant space. Bringing in light is essential to make a room visually more spacious. So do not hesitate to modify the partitions!

Arrange the space according to the activity triangle

As in a large kitchen, you must think of the layout of your small kitchen according to the famous triangle of activity. We call the activity triangle the 3 main areas of activity in the kitchen:

Washing area: sink and dishwasher if you have one

The cold zone: refrigerator and possibly freezer

The hot zone: oven and hotplates

No matter what style you want your kitchen to have, it should be organized so that you can move easily from pole to pole. The distance between these 3 areas should also be more or less equal. In other words, arranging your small kitchen according to the activity triangle is essential for your daily comfort. That’s why an ergonomic installation should be your priority!

Built-in household appliances: a colossal space saving

If your space is particularly small, built-in appliances are a great idea to free up as much space as possible in your kitchen. Dishwasher, oven, refrigerator… these large elements can be built-in and therefore save you considerable space for your storage, for example. Built-in appliances also give the room a more aesthetic and harmonious look since, visually, your kitchen is not cluttered. For this kind of layout, ask an architect for help. He will know exactly how to arrange a small kitchen in an optimal way.

Optimize storage

To be as functional and practical as possible, a small kitchen must-have optimized storage. With this in mind, choose well-thought-out storage and exploit every possible corner of the room to avoid wasting space. Consider corner cupboards and incorporate as many drawers as possible. Moreover, if you would like to set up a dining area but your kitchen seems too narrow, know that there is a clever module that allows you to create such a space: the retractable table, which can fold up or be stored in furniture. This way you can design a dining area that doesn’t have to be visible all the time, allowing you to have space when you’re not eating.

Avoid overloading the space

To avoid feeling oppressed in your own kitchen, avoid cluttering the space. Does not overload the work plan. We know, you have a lot of accessories and it can be complicated to leave the worktop tidy, but it’s essential for your kitchen to be pleasant. We advise you to use the upper parts of the room to install storage areas. Wall shelves, hanging utensils… you have several ways to declutter your kitchen while making it look pretty!

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