When you’re considering kitchen renovations, you want to make sure to consider several factors, including cost, size, style, and any subcontractors. Listed below are some tips to help you decide if this renovation is right for your home. A good design firm should be able to give you the results you want while keeping the budget under control. Kevin Anundson, a designer with The OAR Group in Elm Grove, Wis., offers some great advice.

Upgrades to include in a kitchen renovation

There are several things to consider when considering upgrading your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is outdated, upgrading the appliances can increase your home’s value. In addition, you can install task sinks in the kitchen island. Task sinks are useful for washing vegetables, filling pots, and rinsing dishes. These sinks can run between $400 and $600, though plumbing may cost more. Also, replacing outdated appliances with new ones will help you sell your home in the future.


You can add appeal and value to your home by renovating your kitchen. But the cost of kitchen renovations varies greatly. The price can skyrocket if you want to upgrade your cabinets and flooring, change your floor plan, or select new finishes. Consider the following tips to keep your costs low. – Plan ahead. Know how much you can afford to spend. If you’re not sure how much your kitchen renovation will cost, consult a professional.

When remodeling your kitchen, consider all the expenses that will need to be done. For example, you may want to replace all the appliances, install granite or corian countertops, or replace the flooring. You’ll need to change the sub-floor or move walls to make the renovation happen. You may likewise need to introduce another hood or vent. Walls and roofs make up five percent of the absolute expense, and this means around $1,150. In the event that you will move from your ongoing home, think about spending a piece less.


The size of kitchens varies greatly depending on the age of the house and the amount of space that is available. The average kitchen size in the U.S. is 1,500 square feet, an increase of over 1,000 square feet since the 1970s. The size of your kitchen may depend on the size of your home or the amount of renovation you would like to complete. However, if you are unsure of the size of your kitchen, there are several things to consider before making the decision to renovate it.


There are a variety of different styles of kitchen renovations. From sleek and contemporary to traditional, these renovations offer a wide range of design possibilities. Here are some ideas to get you started. First, consider your storage needs. Adding more shelves will increase your kitchen’s functionality and make it less cluttered. Then, decide whether you need special features, such as a wine cellar or a double oven. After determining the features you need, decide on a design theme and get creative!

Subcontractors involved

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, the amount of subcontractors involved can be daunting. You’ll need to coordinate communication and scheduling among all of these people. It’s also important to determine how often you’ll need to meet with the contractors and subcontractors. You’ll want to make sure they’re available every day, preferably every couple of days. If you’re not a construction expert, consider hiring a general contractor, who will manage all of the subcontractors.


Depending on the level of detail and complexity, the kitchen renovation process can take anywhere from three days to two months. The demo phase of the project requires a lot of preparation, including protecting items you want to keep with plastic or tarps. In addition, the new layout of the kitchen’s plumbing and electrical systems can delay the timeline. The work may require additional board approval in NYC, which can add to the time involved. A design-build company can prevent delays by performing the renovation for you. Read: Top Tips For Cleaning Your Home And Keeping It Clean

Roof is an essential part of our house and it always need be protected. Also, taking care of the roof means taking care of our house and loved ones. A non-maintained roof can be very dangerous and thus, we must hire a professional roof plumber to keep the roof safe and in its best possible shape. Right from guttering to roof pipe maintenance, the plumber does a whole lot of work to keep your roof in good condition.

Why should you hire the roof plumbers?

Roof Plumbers
Roof Plumbers

Hiring them has multiple benefits. Those benefits are pointed below. Let’s know about all of them.

Roof lasts longer

When you call the roof plumbers to restore your roof, you must know that it extends the life if your roof. They fix the costly repairs beforehand and make it suitable to use for many more years. The roof plumber also installs gas pipes and all types of rainwater pipes that keep the roof and ceiling of any home in proper condition. If you have the gas pipes and chimney pipes installed, then even the maintenance of the same can be done by an expert roof plumber.

Gives protection against pests

When the roof is old and is not properly maintained, it deteriorates. In fact, when the guttering system is not working properly, the stored water on the roof starts giving birth to moulds and pests. When the situation is like this or close to this, must call the roof plumbers. They have the right set of tools and insecticides that keep the roof joints intact, they also fix any type of broken areas, or crevices that might develop over a period of time. This helps in preventing hot air to go inside the rooms, the roofs remain in proper condition, and they do the crack repairing also.

They do quality work

Best part about hiring plumbers is that they only do work which is of quality. This is why we insist on hiring the professional roof plumbers. You can hire them for roof flashing repair and for installing and maintaining the rainwater tanks. 

Maintains all the safety measures

Roof Plumbers
Roof Plumbers

Roof plumbing needs a lot of precautions and safety measures to follow which is impossible for use to follow entirely. But by getting a professional Plumbing Service near me, who will carry all the equipment and follow all the safety measures. There is no chance of accidents remaining in that case. So, who doesn’t want safe plumbing?


As professionals, they only have fair charges for their services. So, you do not have to be worried about spending a lot more   money than it needs. Also, they will quote it before they start working for the roof.

They are insured

Although they are highly trained, but accident can happen even when someone is very much aware. However, even if something happens, nothing will be charged to you. They have the insurance. Therefore, the insurance company will take all the expenditure for the treatment. When you call the certified roof plumbers, they also provide the right warranty for the work that they do.

They have license

We always emphasize on hiring the professionals because they have the license necessary for the job. apart from that, you can leave your house only to the professionals because they have the training to take care of it. Apart from that, license ensures that they not only provide good work, but they are efficient with the time as well.


So, by now you must have understood why it is immensely important to hire the professional roof plumbers. It ot only keeps you safe, but your house too. Apart from that, they are highly trained. Therefore, they know exactly how to execute the roof work. Call the local plumbers who can work during an emergency also.

Office relocation in India or business relocation is more multifaceted than a residential relocation. In residential relocation, one can move solo or with the entire family. Family members are related by blood and there is strong affection between each other; there is no financial liability that hinders the bond within the family. As you consider a residential relocation, the family members contribute to the process and accomplish it. Office relocation is a different story altogether. The employees aren’t related and each employee is accountable to the hierarchy if anything goes wrong due to their negligence.

The office equipment and properties do not belong to a particular person but are intended for the use of all the staff members. Although the responsibility of office relocation is handled by a single person, there are a lot of risk factors involved in such an undertaking. Yet there are reasons why people consider relocating their office space or business. The size of the move, the distance of the move, and the time of the move can help you in carrying out office relocation with accuracy. In this article, I will let you know about the reasons, the challenges, and the effective solutions for executing office relocation.

Reasons for office relocation or business relocation:

There can be several reasons why you may want to shift your office or your business from one space to another:

  • Relocating to a bigger space to accommodate the expanding turnover and new clientele.
  • Relocating to a smaller space to hold a downsized workforce.
  • Relocating to a new space after the completion of the lease period.

Challenges faced during office relocation in India:

Office relocation is an intricate and multilateral process. You cannot think of conducting office shifting all by yourself as you can do in case of a residential move. Moreover, it is a time-consuming process and cannot be done on short notice. Here are a few noteworthy challenges that you might face during office relocation:

  • Assortment of goods

As you plan to relocate your office, you will find that the goods are of various shapes, sizes, prices, and utilities. Packing and moving all these assorted articles is truly encumbered. You cannot handle the shifting by yourself and neither can you ask the office employees to lend a hand in the process. Thus, you have to get professional help for the same.

  • Equipment and furniture

Office furniture is bulky and weighty at the same time. The cubicles and desks consume a lot of space and some of them are even angular in shape. Moving them can be a daunting task. You will need multiple helping hands to carry out the relocation. Other office employees will feel awkward shifting office furniture from one place to another. You do not have any other option than to get professional help.

  • Confidential documents

Every office cabin has files loaded with confidential documents like the personal identity proofs of the employees, their resumes, their work experience letters, the client records, the in-voices, the bid quotation records, etc. If any of these sensitive documents get misplaced and some miscreant takes advantage of this, then you are in deep waters.

  • Technical set-up

After the completion of the office shifting, you may think that the goal has been achieved. But, a considerable amount of work remains undone until the technical team does not set up the equipment. Without the tech-support, the regular office chores cannot proceed at all.

Effective solutions to execute office relocation:

Here are some of the most effective solutions to execute office relocation with ease and precision.

  • Entitle a project manager

Office shifting is a massive undertaking that needs professional help to be successful. But there needs to be someone who can supervise the entire activity with authority, responsibility, and dedication. Choose a project manager to execute the office relocation in an organised manner.

  • Strategise a plan

Office shifting is a time taking process and you should plan out everything in advance. Start planning at least 4 to 5 months before the day of the move. You should strategise things from the grass-root level. Chalk out the interiors and figure out the position of the furniture and larger equipment.

  • Notify the staff members

Inform the staff members about the plan to move the office. The employees have to figure out their regular timing to reach the new office address.

  • Get professional help

As we already discussed earlier, unlike residential relocation, office relocation cannot be handled on your own. You need to hire professional packers and movers for the same. But, you have to be cautious as you finalise the moving company as they will be handling your official confidential documents.

  • Communicate with the technical team

Your technical team must be notified months ahead of the day of the move. They need to take data backup, get additional storage, and manage the server connections and phone connections.

  • De-clutter the office space

You should check the office and look out for all the unnecessary documents, files, worn-out furniture, shabby upholstery and blinds, obsolete equipment, kaput stationeries, etc. These are the extra stuff that will never serve any purpose and will add up to the size of the move. You can sell the old furniture and equipment on online second-hand selling sites. Discard the rest of the trash to make your move light-weight. Cutting down the size of your move will reduce the packing and moving cost.

  • Get new furniture ahead of time

If you are getting new furniture in the new office, order them ahead of time. Get them delivered to the new office address and set up the office within a couple of days.

  • Update the new office address

Now that your office address has changed, you should update it on the business cards, letterheads, and website. Again, all the staff members and the clients should be well aware of the updated office address.

  • Programme some time to settle

Keep 3 to 5 days to properly arrange the new office before commencing with the client meetings inside. You will not want the clients to come and experience a mess in the meeting room. It is better to withhold the scheduled meetings and postpone them until the office gets ready for such agendas.

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The Recapitulation

Office shifting is a hectic and detailed phenomenon. You need to be responsible, calm, and able to take swift yet correct decisions. Office shifting is teamwork but there will be a handful of staff members who will come ahead for assistance. You have to hire authentic and experienced packers and movers service to execute the office relocation perfectly. I am sure that you got all the necessary information on office shifting in India and the reasons, the challenges, and the effective solutions regarding it. I wish your team a great move!

As technology advances, our lives become increasingly automated. The Smart Home is a perfect example of this; through the use of smart devices and apps, we can control various aspects of our home life with the touch of a button. While many people are still skeptical about the benefits of Smart Home technology, there are actually many reasons why you should consider using Smart Home Apps. In this post, we will go through the top benefits of Smart Home Apps. Stay tuned!

Smart Home Apps Benefits

According to Statista, by 2025 global consumer spending on smart home devices will exceed 170 billion U.S. dollars. It is likely that this number will rise as more people invest in Smart Home technology. So what are the best benefits of using smart home devices?

Smart home apps can offer a number of benefits to homeowners, including increased security, convenience, efficiency, and even money savings. Here is a detailed overview below.

1. Increased Security and Peace of Mind

Smart home apps offer a number of benefits, including increased security. Homeowners can use smart home apps to remotely keep tabs on their homes when they’re away. This can give them peace of mind knowing that their home is being monitored even when they are not there. Smart home apps can also include features like real-time alerts, so if there is any unusual activity at your home, you will be immediately notified. 

2. Convenience & Efficiency

In addition to increased security, smart home apps can also offer convenience and efficiency. For example, you can use smart home apps to control your lighting and appliances remotely. This means that you can turn on the lights before you get home, or start the coffee maker from bed in the morning. Smart home apps can also help you save energy by automatically adjusting your thermostat based on your schedule and local weather conditions. 

3. Money Savings

Smart home apps can also lead to money savings. Many smart home devices and appliances come with energy-saving features that can reduce your energy costs. For instance, smart thermostats can learn what you prefer for heating & cooling and make adjustments accordingly to minimize energy usage. In addition, some smart home apps offer rewards and discounts from participating retailers when you use them to make purchases. 

4. Increased Home Value

Smart home apps can increase your home value. If you are looking to sell your home in the future, potential buyers will be interested in knowing that your home is equipped with smart technology. In addition, smart home apps can make your home more attractive to renters, as they offer increased security and convenience. 

5. Enhanced Family Communication

Smart home apps can also enhance family communication. For example, you can use smart home apps to stay in touch with your kids while they are away from home. Get notified via text or email when they arrive home from school, or check in on them via video chat. In addition, some smart home apps allow you to control your home’s security system remotely, so you can be sure that your family is safe even when you are not there. 

6. Improved Safety Features for Children & Pets

Smart home apps can also offer improved safety features for your children & lovely pets. For example, you can use smart home apps to create a virtual fence around your property. If your child or pet leaves the designated area, you will be promptly notified. In addition, some smart home apps allow you to set up motion-activated security cameras, so you can keep an eye on your home even when you are not there. 

Guide for Mobile App Development Cost | Smart Apps 

If you’re planning to develop a smart home app, it’s important to factor in the cost of development. In this guide for mobile app development cost, we’ll break down the various costs associated with developing a smart home app, so you can make an informed decision about your project.

The first thing to consider is the cost of hiring a developer. Depending on your needs, you may need to hire a specialized mobile app developer or a team of developers from the best Mobile App Development Company. Development services can range from $50 to $250 per hour, depending on experience & location.

Next, you’ll need to consider the cost of app design & user experience (UX) services. This includes the cost of creating wireframes, prototypes, and the overall design of your app. Design services can range from $5,000 to $50,000, depending on the complexity of your project.

Finally, you need to take into account the cost of hosting and maintaining your app. This includes the cost of a server (if you’re not using a cloud-based service), along with the cost of ongoing maintenance & updates. Hosting and maintenance costs can vary widely, but you can expect to pay at least $100 per month for these services.

In total, the cost of developing a smart home app can range from $10,000 to $500,000+, depending on the complexity of your project. However, by carefully planning your project and budgeting for the various costs associated with development, you can ensure that your project stays on track and within budget.

Final Words

Smart home apps offer users a variety of benefits that can make their lives easier. We’ve looked at some of the top benefits that smart home app users enjoy, including increased security, convenience, and energy efficiency. If you’re looking for a way to improve your home life, consider downloading a smart home app today. And if you need help creating an app that meets your specific needs, be sure to reach out to the Best Mobile App Development Company around and seek expert assistance.

Author’s Bio

Josephine Baker is an expert app developer at MobileCoderz, the Best Mobile App Development Company. With 7 years of professional expertise, she has worked with leading startups and big enterprises. Aside from the professional expertise, she loves to read mystery novels and is a part-time comedy stand up artist.

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The flooring is one of the most crucial components for improving a home’s interior. Marble flooring is one of the most popular types of materials utilised to accomplish this goal and give your home a continuous floor finish. Marble in Pakistan

It’s crucial to select the ideal type of marble for your home, given the ease and elegance that marble brings, considering your budget and style.

The most intelligent property portal in Pakistan, Sk Stones, offers you a wide range of marble varieties in Pakistan along with costs to assist you in picking marble for your home. Given that each has distinct qualities, the question of whether to choose marble or granite flooring is still contentious in Pakistan. However, due to its increased elegance and practicality in modern house designs, marble is frequently the material of choice.

This substance comes in various forms and is produced as marble tiles, which are subsequently utilised for flooring.

The following list of popular and frequently used marble kinds is priced differently. Their pricing per square foot can differ depending on their distinctive qualities and durability.

How To Design Small Kitchen- That Make The Most

Marble Paulino

Floors made of Parlino Marble in Cream

The Paulino Marble has a smooth design with few texture lines and a light cream tint. This kind of marble offers the interior of your house a contemporary feel and provides a fantastic glossy surface that is simple to maintain.

Paulino Marble is one of the nicest marble varieties in Pakistan while being quite pricey.

Verona Crystal Stone

Marble from Verona in the colour cream beige

Verona Crystal is a stone with a deep, gorgeous golden-brown colour. This kind of marble is a very cost-effective option and is frequently utilise as flooring in large venues.

Starting at approximately Rs. 75 per square foot, you can choose Verona Crystal Marble for your home.

Plain China Verona Marble

Pakistani Verona Plain Marble Flooring

This particular variety of Verona Marble is referred to as China Verona Marble because it is importe from China. The option of having marble flooring is growing in popularity.

Given that it is imported, it is a little more expensive than most marbles, but it is a great option for your home’s interior.

The tiles made of China Verona marble have the fewest crystals embedded, which speaks to their strength and superiority.

Verona Marble Spots

One of Pakistan’s most popular marble flooring options is Verona spots marble in grey tones.

In Pakistan, Verona Spots marble is one of the most popular choices because of its low cost and smooth texture. It goes by the name Verona Dhaba and is frequently seen in kitchens, stairs, galleries, and rooms.

Stone of Tavera

Pakistani Travera Marble Flooring

Tavera is a stunning beige marble with subtle brown overtones and traces of earthy colour. This marble is particularly cost-effective and suitable for flooring applications.

Tavera marble gives your home’s floors a detailed appearance due to its granular nature.

Marble Tavera Light

marble flooring tile in a beige skin

A Tavera variant that is lighter in weight is Tavera Light Marble. It somewhat qualifies as Pakistan’s most economical marble flooring option due to its weight.

People on a tight budget who want to improve the interior of their houses may consider this choice because it is inexpensive and accessible.

Marble Tipi Flower

Natural stone marble with a distinctive marble flooring option called Tipi Flower has a little granular texture and appears uniformly organised. It is a marble tile that adds to the beauty of your home and is reasonably priced.

Coastal Marble
Dark Grey Ocean Marble Flooring

Beautifully streaked marble with a dark green-black colour is call oceanic marble. One of Pakistan’s most exquisite marble floor designs includes brown embedded patches.

People who choose darker flooring colours will find this a particularly good option.
Marble in black and gold

Thanks to the stunning Black and Gold marble, your home’s interior receives a rich finish. It also goes by “Michaelangelo marble” and contains black streaks with white, grey, and gold accents.

This is frequently utilise in bedrooms and even businesses to improve the interior of any place. It is rarely use for a house’s whole flooring because it is fairly pricey.

Yellow Marble

Another lovely alternative that is not only affordable but also gives off a lovely, contemporary aspect is golden marble.

Supreme Ziarat Marble

White Ziarat Supreme Marble with earthy streaks
If you want to design a high-end interior for your home, Ziarat Supreme is one of Pakistan’s most expensive marbles. The cost of these anti-slip marble floor tiles is on the extremely high end of the pricing range, given their quality.

Ziarat Supreme costs a staggering Rs. 300 per square foot.

Gray Ziarat

Grey marble flooring in Ziarat

Despite being local, this marble is somewhat more expensive than other varieties. This marble has a smooth grey colour and complements your space’s décor.

White Marble Ziarat

This white marble flooring is perfect for customers who seek an exquisite interior in their homes or offices. It is one of Pakistan’s most exclusive and pricey varieties of locally mined marble.

This marble has an entirely white backdrop and a high-end finish with extremely fine random grain patterns.

Marble Badal

Pakistan regularly uses the white-streaked natural tile known as Badal for flooring.

Emperador Marble in grey

Dark grey Emperador Marble flooring with white dirt streaks

It is simple to find this mid-range stone in Pakistan. It is a beautiful marble tile with subtle tints of brown and grey. Grey is frequently use as flooring for kitchens, porches, galleries, etc.

With introducing more modern showers, people started adding shower enclosures for their convenience as well as their sleek, contemporary appearance. Despite its simplicity and age, many of us still appreciate a relaxing bath in the tub. We like to know that our bathing facilities are cosy and fashionable when we have overnight guests. For many individuals, the bathroom with the shower and its enclosure has taken the top spot among the most significant spaces in the home. In my bathroom, I have a 760mm quadrant shower enclosure.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure
Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Current shower enclosures frequently dazzle in their contemporaries, offering high standards of use and craftsmanship along with a sense of modern design that will make any visitor swoon. Shower enclosures have the advantage of being virtually undetectable when you shower because all they are is a transparent barrier that holds the water in. They harmonise with the rest of the wet room’s design elements thanks to their simple, modern tiles and skillfully set water-resistant flooring.

Request a free installation.

In the UK, several businesses provide this kind of modern shower enclosure installation. Since installing a shower can be expensive, it is crucial to investigate the credentials of any business offering this service.

Just make sure that your wet room or shower enclosure is waterproof if you don’t want water to flow into the spaces below or beside it. I should explain you this procedure and the company’s background. After your shower room has been wet-proofed for a few years, you don’t want a leak to appear. Although many people call this technique “tanking,” doing it correctly needs a high level of skill.

You should also think about installing foul air traps, sometimes referred to as “traps,” to guarantee that your shower enclosures give individuals utilising your wet room the finest possible showering experience. As their name implies, these gadgets are crucial since they stop unpleasant scents from growing and disturbing the showering experience.

Way to choose the enclosure

You want to make the most of your investment, of course. We should keep the following advice in mind when purchasing for shower enclosures:

Consider your bathroom and the design you desire for it. Because there are so many shower enclosures on the market, you have an immense advantage because you can match them to the design of your bathroom. You should be certain of the shower enclosure you want, where it will go, and its style before making a purchase. Of course, being practical is also necessary. Avoid those that take up a lot of space if you have little of it.

Use a modular or adjustable shower enclosure.

If you don’t have as much space as you’d like, an option is a modular or flexible shower enclosure. The ones you should pick are those that are simple to manoeuvre around your bathroom if you need additional space. It may alter the modular ones to meet the size of your bathroom. Other choices include corner shower enclosures and those that may be mounted on the wall to preserve the front space of your bathroom. It won’t appear at all crowded.

Before selecting a choice, consider the functioning and design of the shower enclosure. The features of most enclosures have a significant impact on their cost. For a sauna or spa, a water-keep enclosure, for instance, is suitable. Verify the aluminium content of the frame as well. Make sure it temper the glass if you want it. The approval mark is the most crucial of all. This is a sign that a shower enclosure has undergone extensive testing.

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760mm quadrant shower enclosure at the Royal Bathrooms

Shower enclosures are available at your neighbourhood Home Depot. However, you can shop online if you don’t like to fuss with it or don’t have the time to travel there. You can compare the dimensions of these products to the size of the bathroom where you intend to put them. However, make sure to first inspect the supplied item before accepting it. This will guarantee that you don’t receive any defective goods. I ordered my 760mm quadrant shower enclosure after I reviewed the company’s exchange policy. For your own experience, use this tip! Have a Nice Day!

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A few weeks ago, during the Covid-19 lockdown in Pakistan,  Marble in Pakistan the building sector and all related developments were put on hold. However, the building industry has just been given the status of an industry by Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has said that work will resume in the sector on April 14. This was done to support the government’s goal of constructing 5 million homes as part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program and to keep the country’s economic wheels turning and generating income and jobs (NPHP). This action will not only aid individuals who depend on daily salaries to provide for their families, but it will also allow you to finish building your house if you have to stop midway due to the lockdown.

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Home And Keeping It Clean

types of marble flooring

In order to provide you with a fully equipped modern home that is not only ready to move in but also welcoming, home construction necessitates the use of a variety of materials that effortlessly merge together. But both a homeowner’s or a contractor’s personal preferences and financial considerations play a role in the material selection process. Similar to many other nations, Pakistan frequently uses marble flooring to lend a touch of class to contemporary interiors because Pakistan itself is a major source of the raw material. The cost per square foot of the various types of marble flooring, on the other hand, varies depending on their distinct features and qualities.

Here, we’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of Pakistani marble flooring before presenting you with a selection of the most popular types so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Do you have any thoughts about purchasing marble flooring in Pakistan? If so, the following are some of the main advantages to think about:

Custom Outdoor Living Space Ideas: Upgrade Your Garden

  • refines the appearance of your environment by adding elegance
  • There are numerous sorts, colours, and styles available.
  • natural substance with distinctive patterns
  • permits the passage of natural light through it, giving it a shine.
  • Its smoothness and sheen are simple to preserve with polish.
  • Marble can be used to make flooring with vibrant patterns.
  • Both residential and commercial settings use marble flooring.


In contrast, the following are some disadvantages of having marble flooring in a Pakistani home:


  • Material with pores that will discolour if coloured or acidic liquid spills on it
  • because it is a somewhat soft stone, it is readily scratched.
  • Due to its fragility and brittleness, it may chip, crack, or break.
  • It’s never easy to find two tiles that are exactly alike.
  • a dangerously slick terrain where carelessness could lead to accidents

Types of marble flooring that are frequently found in Pakistan

Now let’s talk about the different types of marble flooring you may get in Pakistan for house renovation or upkeep. The following are the leading varieties:


  • Dark Grey
  • Emperador Grey
  • Tavera
  • Fancy Botticino
  • Angelo Michael
  • Verona
  • White Ziarat

Let’s briefly go over the characteristics of each type of marble flooring that is offere in Pakistan, along with their costs (as of April 2020).


In Pakistan, low-cost grey marble makes for the best flooring.

Other names include Ziarat Badal, Mad White Marble, Badal Abbot Marble, and Grey Marble.

Price: on average PKR 46 per square foot.

Properties: Badal Grey is a commonly used and locally quarried variety of marble flooring in Pakistan. It is a blend of silver and grey with streaks of white or black.

Emperador Grey

Available Colors for Emperador Include Light Grey and Dark Brown

Oceanic Grey is know by other names.

Price: on average PKR 46 per square foot.



Grey Emperador, as it is know locally in the market, is a mid-range marble that comes in a variety of grey to brown tones and is utilise as a flooring option in both expensive and affordable homes.


An Affordable Beige Marble for Your Flooring Needs is Tavera

Tervera Marble, Travera Beige Marble, Travera Cream Marble, and Travera Limestone are some alternative names for the material.

Price: on average PKR 58 per square foot

Properties: Tavera is a type of reasonably-priced, long-lasting marble flooring used in Pakistani homes. It is a beige marble with natural earthy streaks.


If you want a low-cost option for your home, install Botticino Fancy.

Boticina Fancy Marble, Boticina Cream Marble, Botticino Cream Marble, and Botticino Fancy Beige Marble are some other names for this stone.

Price: on average PKR 75 per square foot.


Botticino Fancy is a low-cost investment that comes in a number of tints, and it is another sort of beige marble that you can easily install as flooring in Pakistan.

Angelo Michael

Marble in Black and Gold is a Special and Elegant Addition to Any Home

Other Names: Michelangelo Marble, Black Gold Marble, and Black and Gold Marble

Price: PKR 98 on average per square foot


The Black and Gold Marble adds an ornamental finish to your floors. Due to its distinctive appearance, where streaks of black, gold, white, grey, and brown blend to form magnificent patterns. it is widely use in homes and offices in Pakistan.


What Speakers Should I Use in My Garage? There are a few things to keep in mind before buying these speakers. First, you need to consider the shape and size of the speakers. Usually, you can find outdoor speakers in white and black. Also, you should keep in mind that speakers for garages are not meant to be used in the living room or bedroom. You may also want to consider their price.

Choose The Right Speakers For Your Garage

Before choosing the right speakers for your garage, you must make sure the room is large enough for the speakers. Depending on the size of your garage, you can opt for a smaller or larger speaker. However, you should keep in mind that bigger speakers are likely to produce more bass and volume. Moreover, they should be durable and waterproof to ensure proper performance. Ultimately, you should buy the right speakers for your garage according to the available budget and the size of the room.

For those with limited budgets, you can go for affordable speakers made by Boss. These speakers are highly durable and compact, so you won’t have to worry about storing them. They are also made of polyurethane, which is less expensive than metal. Additionally, they have a rubber surround that should prevent the speakers from being damaged by the weather. Therefore, these speakers are a good choice for garages.

Garage Speakers Can Be Used For Various Purposes

There are many different types of garage speakers available on the market. Some of them are wireless and can connect with a mobile phone wirelessly using Bluetooth. They also have built-in protection from rust and dust, which means they’ll last much longer in the garage than they would on a construction site. For home use, you can also choose between a wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted speaker. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the more common types.

Depending on your needs, different types of garage speakers will deliver varying levels of sound. Those working in a mobile garage should consider buying a Milwaukee 289120. If you’re into listening to Spotify while you work, a wall-mounted speaker is the way to go. Klipsch AW525 speakers offer the most powerful sound for garages. For professional workshops, larger models are required.

Size and Shape: Choosing Garage Speakers

Before you start looking for a new pair of garage speakers, consider the size and shape of your space. Choose a pair of speakers that will survive the rough conditions of a garage. Size and shape are important considerations, as are sound quality and battery life. Here are some ideas to help you decide. Listed below are a few products that have the qualities you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more about these products.

Depending on the power of your system, you can choose a full-range speaker that delivers a clear, deep sound. For low-powered factory stereos, look for a pair with a high sensitivity. High-powered systems typically feature external amplifiers and require speakers with higher power handling. If you’re installing an aftermarket stereo system, choose a pair with a power handling no higher than 75 watts RMS.

The Best Pair Of Speakers

If you’re in the garage or work area, then the best pair of speakers for garage use are those that can handle loud volume levels and have long Bluetooth ranges. The best pair of speakers for garage use should be capable of working with a wide variety of Bluetooth devices and have a water-resistant design to withstand low-pressure water jets. This article will help you find the best pair of speakers for garage use, so you can listen to your favorite music while working in your garage.

One of the things to look for in a pair of speakers for garage use is the quality of sound they produce. Some speakers are designed for garage use while others are more suited to mobile mechanics. Generally, a pair of speakers for garage use has a good sound quality, but if you’re not a bass freak, you should opt for speakers that are designed for lower frequencies. For those who want to listen to music while working, Klipsch AW525 speakers are a top choice.


If you’re a mechanic or simply like listening to music while working on your car, you’ll probably want to use a set of good-quality speakers in your garage. Bluetooth, AUX, and hardwired connections all work well, but which is right for you? Bluetooth connections are the most convenient, but they don’t allow you to connect your phone. Auxiliary jacks are another good option, but they don’t allow you to remove your phone. A hardwired connection, however, is reliable and causes less distortion.

You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard. -Russell Conwell

Your house is a place to play with your imagination. It doesn’t matter if your house is Villa with a big backyard and front lawn or a flat with a small balcony. People living in a house make it home, and that’s where the imagination cooks. A perfectly flavored home recipe is love, patience, and creativity.  

Every part of the house represents an element. The backyard is the only space that is as accepting as the couch in the living room. New Phase Outdoor Living helps you reinvent yourself by remodeling your outdoor living space. 

If you are confused about what to do with your outdoor space, the following are some ideas to get your creative side active. 

Know Your Priorities 

Every family’s needs are different, so when you make changes in your house, you keep your family’s needs in mind. If you are a family who loves to be around water bodies, then include a swimming pool in your backyard. Building a kitchen space or bbq station is a must if you are a person who loves to host parties. Add food stations and dining tables to avoid running in and out of the house. 

Placing safety nets and fences around your backyard is a good idea if you are a family with kids. Placing rides and leaving a little mud area is also suitable for toddlers to play and enjoy. 

If your family includes a large number of adults, then it is good to have a wine cellar or a bar outside on the patio. A cooler that can hold juices and other drinks is another way to decide what your family needs and whether you want to cater to their needs. 

Mood Lighting 

Lighting can make a place from zero to hero. It is a way to set the current mood and vibe of the house. Want to add aesthetics to the look of your outdoor living space? Mood lighting is the way. 

When considering installing lighting, you should also consider the possible risks, especially when you have toddlers in your house. Install your lights at a height that is out of your kids’ reach. It is advised to install lights away from water bodies, pipes, or taps. 

There are options when it comes to mood lighting. Based on colors, there are; red, green, and magenta mood lighting. The other three types are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. These mood lightings are great for relaxing when you want illumination without glare in your eyes. 

Flora is good for your wellbeing

Outdoor spaces are best to put yourself around plants and greenery. Plants are a great source of oxygen and good for mental health. Planting trees to clean the air around you is essential in this polluted world. 

When renovating your outdoor space, it is an excellent idea to build a vertical garden or a succulent garden, or you can plant evergreen plants. Planting an orchard is another excellent idea to start with. You can buy already grown plants from a nursery, or you can plant seeds. 

Doing exercise, yoga, or just chilling in the greenery will fill you with positivity. Not only do plants put you in a good mood they are also helpful to keep you healthy and active by providing an ample amount of oxygen to your lungs. 

Seating Arrangements 

When renovating your outdoor living space, it is important to have enough seating arrangements. The seating arrangement is the heart of your outdoor space, and it is good to have a lot of seats to accommodate your guests.

Keeping seating options as per the size of your backyard is essential. Putting a lot of seats in a small backyard will make it appear too clustered; on the other hand, putting very few chairs will make it look empty. The key is to arrange seats by keeping in mind the number of furniture pieces you are putting along with the seats. 

Arrange seats so everyone can sit together, and there is still a place to move around. It is advised to choose chairs that offer a versatile usage. The materials of the seats must be water-resistant and easy to clean. These seats will be outdoor day and night, so the quality of seats must be weather enduring. 

To make your patio space lit, use Fireplace

Need something as stylish as beautiful? Wants to go vintage without actually going vintage? The answer to all your backyard-related questions lies in one word that is Fireplace. 

A fireplace adds a great aesthetic value to your space and can serve as a focal point of your backyard. Fireplace with elaborated water features or a simple natural gas fireplace; whatever you choose must go with the interior aesthetics of your backyard space. 

A fireplace goes well with a boho-inspired patio and adds great warmth to the place. Fire pits are also very popular in boho-style houses, and these fire pits are moveable and come in different designs. The best thing about automated fire pits is that they bring out low-emission fire. 

In Closing

Your backyard should be your place to spend your me-time or your family time. A backyard is a place that holds memories of your summer pool parties and BBQs, and it is a place where you can be yourself and enjoy your festivities. 

When it comes to your house, there are no boundaries. Think out of the box and play with the moods. Whatever you do must be with great love and affection for your house. When giving the responsibility to your house, always choose who knows what theory is doing. Who understands your sentiments and wants to be a part of your home project. New Phase Outdoor Living helps you achieve that ultimate renovated look of your house. 

Discuss your ideas with your family and start building your backyard space right away.

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When people decide which house to select for the rent to own homes, they can choose a preowned or brand new house. Many think buying a preowned house will give them fewer financial problems. But they forget that an old house is weak in structure, which can be dangerous.

12 Reasons to Buy Brand New Rent to Own Homes

One important disadvantage of buying an older house is its weak structure which can be dangerous for the safety of the inhabitants. The people who bought a new house have given the following reasons.

The Actual House is Like the Model Shown

Many times the pictures of a house on various websites don’t match the actual property. But when you decide on new homes, the house matches the model shown and the pictures on the websites.

Option of Making Customized Changes

When home builders show buyers the floor plans of a new house, the buyers are given the choice of changes in the design of the house. But a preowned house has very limited options for renovation.

Application of Loan with a Bad Credit Score

Some house buyers have a bad credit score of five hundred, but they must apply for a loan. It is the best idea to apply for the rent to own home loan. The main reason is that the lender accepts a bad credit score because this can increase when the mortgage is regularly paid during the renting period.

The Latest Building Techniques are Used

Today the builders know the latest building techniques and have the tools and equipment to complete the house in less time and with perfection. This will ensure that the house is built safely.

Saving an Amount on Instant Repairs and Maintenance

When you shift into a pre-owned house, one of the major expenses you must bear is repairing and maintaining the house. But when you purchase a new rent to own house in Perth, you don’t have to worry about immediate repairs and maintenance.

Provides Good Resale Value

Another reason you will get when buying a new house, according to property experts like Stop Renting Perth, is that these houses have a good resale value. People prefer to buy houses that have been built five years earlier.

Move into a Cleaner Rent to Own Properties

A great thing about new homes is that they are cleaner than the preowned ones because they are newly constructed. Sometimes the builders hire cleaning companies; so that the buyers can shift into a clean and fresh house.

Renovation can be Avoided Initially

It has been mentioned earlier that the new homes can be customized according to the buyers’ desires. In this way, the time and money are less spent on initial renovations.

Installation of Energy Efficient Appliances

A problem with old homes is that it is often difficult to install energy-efficient appliances. Or if this happens, then it will be extremely expensive. But builders create the design of the house in such a way that installing appliances is the easiest.

Warranty on House is Longer

The warranty on a newly constructed house can be as long as thirty years. This will also ensure that more buyers will be attracted.

Availability of Amenities

When a new town is planned, the builders ensure that important amenities are available because this will attract more buyers.

Mortgage Installments Make Buying Easy

The last reason you should choose rent to own homes is that you can make mortgage installments during the renting period. This makes the house payment easy and you can buy a new house.

When you are planning to buy a house, these reasons will help you select a new rent to own.

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